Los Angeles, June 16 2010 
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– “E2 Visa”

To Whom It May Concern:
I am very proud to be able to write this note for Nancy’s Immigration Paralegal Service.

After arriving in Los Angeles 5 years ago and not having a clue of what was going to happen regarding my visa in the USA, I was most fortunate to meet Nancy Juarbe. She explained to me very clearly all the possibilities that I have to obtain the E2 visa application (Investment Business Visa). 

The professionalism, the kindness, the humanity, the knowledge, the sense of humour, problem solving and the very affordable fees of Nancy Juarbe made the all experience wonderful. My case was complicated and difficult and only because of Nancy, my file was so well done than the Consular from the American Embassy in Paris, France who received me for my interview didn’t ask me any questions and only told me “Congratulations, I don’t want to see you for the next 5 years!”

I couldn’t believe it, the file was “perfect”!! So what can I add when you see this result!
Congratulations Nancy! For me you are “The One”, the Best in LA and I will never stop to recommend your service every time somebody needs it.

Your Fan!!
Corinne Blanchon

When I was dealing with Immigration issues, I met many people that didn’t convince me to hire them. Finally I met Nancy, who listened carefully to my situation, once I finished, she explained clearly all the steps I needed to take.

Seeing her integrity and experience in the Immigration field I left my case in her hands. A few months later I received a letter from Immigration’s office telling me that I had an appointment to see an Immigration Agent. After that appointment my Permanent Resident Card arrived in the mail. Thanks Nancy.

Leticia Garibay
Harvest, Alabama

The first meeting you have with Nancy Juarbe is different from all the other meetings you’ve ever had with a paralegal or an attorney.  Most similar immigration services will spend a few minutes with you, and constantly make you aware that it’s a free meeting, and you better not waste their time. 


In contrast, Nancy Juarbe will take time to patiently explain all the options to you, in as much detail as you want.  She makes sure you understand the various necessary steps as they relate to your case.  She will teach you how to look at your own case through the eyes of a USCIS employee.  Most importantly, she will not necessarily tell you what you may WANT to hear, but what you NEED to hear in order to successfully navigate through the application process.  Honesty, meticulousness, trust, co-operation, and reliability are at the top of Nancy’s priority list, which makes her my Number One choice for anything immigration-related.

Edwin Wendler
Composer (O1 visa)


If you want someone who is going to take care of you from the beginning until the end of the immigration process, look no further, Nancy Juarbe .

Nancy started my immigration process when I was still living in Jamaica. from day one she would call me when she needed to and guided me because she knows what to do. I got my Green Card within 2 years after Nancy started my immigration process. We have stayed in contact from the first month I got to the USA to today’s date. Within the 5 years that I was eligible to get my Citizenship, Nancy was there again to guide me and help me through this process. Shortly after I received my Citizenship, Nancy also helped me get my daughter’s Citizenship as soon as she stepped off the plane. Looking for someone who will never mislead you, someone who knows what is required, someone who you can rely on and finally, a friend? Thank you Nancy, I love you. Keep up the good work.


I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Juarbe many years ago. She was very hardworking, diligent, smart, thoughtful, careful, and took great pride in her work. I loved working with her and have enjoyed watching her succeed. It was a privilege to work with her.”

David G. Glasser, Esq.
Levin & Glasser, P.C.

Hi Nancy,

I wanted to thank you again for the unbelievable attention to detail I can honestly say I was happy to to ask you to represent my daughter after the amazing work you did for me and others within my corporation. I know that the challenges that we faced seemed to me to be insurmountable but you through the entire process were professional and went beyond the call.

The issues (I thought) were going to keep our family apart forever but the effort and time and attention to detail in the end made her immigration process seem easy. I look forward to having you complete the next step and again Thank you for being the professional and person that cared enough to do all the research and face every challenge with such ease. You have proven again just how amazing you really are at what you do!!!!!!!!

Donna Forsyth
Prestonwood Media Corp.

Dear Nancy,

Would like you to know how much help you have been over the years with ALL my talent.It’s been 10 persons now that you have applied and approved for our company.

They have always told me how great and on top of things you are with solidify the paperwork together with the evidence for filing for the Visa.

You are very good at what you do and always do it in a timely manner we really appreciate thatAs other people have given us the run around.We look forward to our next client and looking forward to working with you soon.

Kindest Regards,

Cheryl Murphy 
Spectrum Entertainment Int’ Inc

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